Today Dean Coburn joins the show. Dean coached Pete Polansky from the age of 10 in through a pro career with a high rank of #110 ATP. Dean has also coached National Teams and worked with players Bianca Andrescu and Dennis Shapovalev. Listen in as Dean shares some of his experiences from a coaching career that has garnered him 3 Tennis Canada Excellence Awards and a 2009 Tennis Canada Coach of The Year Award.

Skippy and Johnny talk about Rip Curl's THE SEARCH campaign, and the 'North Shore' and 'Point Break' movies as well as the power of waves, what the ocean teaches us and what it means to be validated from someone we respect in pursuit of our goals.

What can be said about Theo Fleury in a quick bio that would do his contribution to Mental Health justice? He is one of the greatest ever hockey players. He reached rock bottom with his addictions until finally coming clean on his story of sexual abuse, and writing his book PLAYING WITH FIRE. Since then he has been an advocate for those who have suffered trauma. Today he speaks with Johnny about that and so much more. NOTE: This podcasts contains discussion about sexual abuse and some explicit language.

Coach Michele May joins us today to talk to one of her former players whom played four years NCAA D1 Basketball setting team records, before transferring to Rugby and being selected to The National Team and winning an Olympic Bronze Medal for Canada. Megan Lukan talks about the importance of having a strong support system, fundamentals and a powerful 'WHY' that helped her create a winning work ethic.

Brett Cooper grew up in New South Wales Australia. He played through Europe in his early 20's before transitioning into coaching with stints at The Evert Academy in Florida and at Cash Hopper Academy in Queensland. He eventually landed in Canada where he coaches at The Bayview Tennis Club in Toronto Ontario. We spoke about our time coaching together in Oz, our love of surf, and our coaching philosophy in general.

Today we speak with Anthony Glavanic of London ON; Head Coach of the Mustangs Tennis Team and coach at Total Tennis. Runner of London's longest running tournament The London Italian Open. We talk tennis and development and how he became a Montreal Canadians fan.

January 25, 2021

Bill Cowan of ATI Tennis

Today we speak with Tennis Canada Coach 4, Bill Cowan of ATI Tennis. After a PRO playing career that brought him around the world, and a 7 year coaching stint in Japan; Bill has learned to 'let the flow' aide both himself and the players he coaches. Listen in as Bill explains how that happens on a tennis court and in life.

Physiotherapist (Neuro), Athlete, and Coach Ralph and Michele's daughter; Briana May talks about understanding injuries and the relationship between the thinking and the feeling mind that is truly game changing.

We speak with Fransua Rachmann, Head Pro at Granite Tennis in North Bay. Fransua started in South Africa, and had coaching stops in the UK, USA, and Dubai before landing in Canada where he has developed innovative ways to guide players to high levels despite indoor winter tennis.

January 9, 2021

Dr. Stephanie Truelove.

Dr. Stephanie Truelove talks with her childhood basketball and soccer coach Michele May along with Johnny Glanville about her athletic beginnings, university experience and her current work.

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